Ombre Blush Brows ​​2.5/3 hrs​              £550


A soft powder look for the eyebrows. Soft at the front with more colour and definition at the ends, Includes initial appointment including the first follow up within 4-6 weeks

Price includes initial appointment including the first follow up within 4-6 weeks

Touch ups:
Within 4-6 weeks since last treatment     £50    

Within 6 months since last treatment      £180

Within 12 months                                      £250

More than 12 months                                £400

Hairstroke Eyebrows​​ 3 hrs​                  £550   

(Touch ups as above)

Eyeliner up to2.5hrs

Top                                                              £425

Top and Bottom                                        £525

Lip Blush 2/2.5hrs                                   £600

All prices include a follow up appointment within the first 6 weeks of the initial appointment.


It is advisable to choose wisely as cheap treatments usually result in poor work with disappointing results causing distress and often needing removal, re-doing properly which in the end choosing the wrong person is more costly than paying more and getting stunning results.


You can choose with our guidance the best way to achieve the look you want. We will guide you through options, colour choice and shape and we will only start when you are completely happy with the shape and colour chosen.


We advise you to have an annual colour boost which are all at a discounted rate to keep your semi-permanent makeup looking its best.



Rosita offers free, no obligation consultations so why not book one today to see what permanent makeup can do for you.

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