Rosita is an internationally renound professional Make-up Artist as well as a Harley Street qualified Semi-permanent Makeup Artist. Rosita has many high profile clients travelling with them all around the world.


She has the versatility to adapt to various styles of make-up, although her great passion lies within the bridal make-up and hair sector although her skills pan out across the makeup field such as Bridal, Fashion Editorial make-up, Special effects, Film and TV, Period make-up, Casualty and Beauty.


Her expertise and knowledge of advanced skin care has allowed her to demonstrate her skills in the bridal/beauty sector, as she is a believer that good skin is the basis to all beauty. Therefore, Rosita's routine effort of treating the skin is the single most important application to her make-up concepts, achieving a flawless even finish with the attention of fine detail. 


Prior to her permanent make-up training and professional makeup, Rosita studied Fine Art and design.  She is an extremely skilled artist with an innate understanding of aesthetics and colour theory; she is able to apply this imperative experience and knowledge to deliver excellent results.


Many semi permanent make up technicians have a background in the beauty industry. This is where Rosita has the edge over every permanent cosmetic practitioner in the UK, as she has so much experience and talent within the industry. Having painted and drawn most of her life in every sense, she has built a real eye for detail and is a true artist through and through from professional makeup to semi-permanent cosmetics.


Rosita has also worked with various photographers and creative production companies who work alongside further global brands. Rosita's work is commendable and recognised as most of her work is gained through recommendations of others. 

Combining her flair and passion for stunning makeup with a professional approach and attention to detail for which she is known, Rosita  confidently delivers perfection and beauty in her work.


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